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Anyone who has visited Plovdiv remained in love with one of the oldest cities not only in Europe but in the world. After the Unification Plovdiv became to this day is the second biggest city after the capital Sofia. Seven hills is located 15 kilometers north of the Rhodopes, 50 km south of the Balkan Mountains. In Plovdiv rich heritage live in harmony with contemporary culture. Here are preserved ancient amphitheater, Roman odeon, Roman Forum. The modern part of the city lies on the ruins of a huge Roman stadium, which has a length of 200 meters and is designed for 30,000 spectators. The old town is preserved as an authentic open-air museum. Many of the houses in the architectural reserve was proclaimed monuments. Architectural monuments are the oldest Orthodox churches in Plovdiv "St. Constantine and Elena", "St. Marina", "St. Petka", "Virgin". Plovdiv is host to the International Fair, the international theatrical festival "A scene on a crossroad", the TV festival "The golden chest" and many others events.


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